MCEdit 0.1.7 released.

MCEdit version 0.1.7 is now available from the links to the left, or via automatic update. Here is a summary of the changes made since 0.1.6:

( fixes a startup error for certain system configurations and non-English usernames.)


  • Block IDs up to 4096 are now preserved
  • Hold ALT to show full NBT tags and Item structures when mousing over a tile entity
  • Names and info for blocks added in Minecraft 1.5
  • "Undo Limit" setting
  • "Record Undo" option on the main screen
  • "Copy Biomes" option for import/clone tools (.schematic file changed to have Biomes array)
  • "MCEdit" menu button
  • Scrollable filters menu
  • Rotation data for several new blocks


  • Missing graphics when MC 1.5 texture packs are selected
  • "Copy Air" and "Copy Water" settings no longer cause blocks with ID > 255 to be destroyed.
  • Flickering black screen on some systems
  • Missing plant and grass graphics on some systems.
  • Entities have wrong positions in schematics after rotating
  • Captured mouse cursor is correctly released when editor closes
  • Biomes array is added to chunks that don't have one
  • "Repair Regions" button appears again for Anvil levels
  • "Analyze" counts the different data values of unknown blocks
  • UI elements no longer disappear when the window is too small to display them
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Header image by @DX_0Gamers